Magnetic Masks: Are They the Real Deal?

Playing Magnetic Face Masks – What’s the Real Deal?

The Doctors invite dermatologist expert Dr. Jason Emer to share his thoughts on the magnetic face mask trend. These masks make, as plastic surgeon expert Dr. Shelia Nazarian says, “Finger-stopping Instagram posts!”

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Dr. Emer explains the idea of these masks is to remove them with a magnet instead of water which allows the active ingredients to permeate the skin deeper than normal masks. Dr. Emer tried one out at home and Dr. Nazarian applies one to him in the studio! He says there is not a lot of science behind magnetism but people believe this mask will pull out the oil, debris, and dead surface cells from the skin with the magnet and it is much easier to take off. 

Dr. Nazarian pulls the mask off Dr. Emer's face and plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon exclaims, “That is so cool how this comes off!” Dr. Emer thinks while this product is a little overpriced at $110 it is exciting and has clean, good ingredients. It contains volcanic ash, beeswax, squalene oil and sunflower oil. Dr. Emer says it’s made for hydration so it should work for all skin types. He shares he would use it but would advise people to see if there are more affordable options out there.

Watch: Face Mask-Off Results

Dr. Nazarian recommends people purchase their products at their doctor’s office so they are buying something that is scientifically-backed and approved by doctors. OB/GYN expert Dr. Nita Landry shares that women spend over $225,000 in a lifetime on their appearance and Dr. Nazarian says in just one year women spend on average $2,000 on antiaging products.