'Love Is Blind' Stars Lauren and Cameron on The Travis Stork Podcast

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Playing 'Love Is Blind' Stars Lauren and Cameron on The Travis Stork Podcast

Dr. Travis sits down with Lauren and Cameron from Netflix’s hit “Love Is Blind,” to discuss being on the popular dating show and the stress of trying to find love on camera, which Travis -- the former "Bachelor" contestant -- is no stranger to. Travis asks Lauren and Cameron about how their connection was made, and what saying, "I love you," was like before you've even seen the person you're falling for!  

Lauren and Cameron share how important it was to them to be themselves and to be authentic. Lauren shares she truly wanted to bear it all, including wearing her bonnet on camera that she sleeps in at night. She says, "I was all about keeping it real."

Travis shares how overwhelming all the attention was after his season of “The Bachelor” premiered, and how the hardest part was no longer being seen as Dr. Travis Stork, but rather just the "Bachelor."

Travis says, "People care about you and care about your relationship," sharing that they were able to build a strong bond before the show launched, which is now #1 on Netflix. They discuss reality TV and how people are willing to get married just to be famous, but Lauren claims she would never jump through those hoops.

Travis asks Lauren and Cameron about their plan to have kids -- and they discuss their favorite and least favorite part of being on "Love Is Blind." Find out their answers on today's episode of The Travis Stork podcast

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