Looking in the Refrigerator for Love?!

Playing Can What’s in Your Fridge Help You Find Love?

It's time for the RefrigerDATEr on The Doctors! This is the dating game where one single lady can choose from three bachelors who all live alone, and her decision is based on the contents of their refrigerators! Brittany will be asking three men (who did not know their refrigerators were being judged) behind a screen questions, and to weigh in is fridge dating expert, John Stonehill. 

Watch: RefrigerDATEr: Can You Find Love Based on the Contents of One's Fridge?

 "Nothing says more about who we are than what we eat or drink. What we eat is what we are. The brands reveal so much about who we are," John explains. It's time to open up the fridge and play detective. 

Brittany says she is looking for someone who has their own friends so that they can hang out together with her friends, as well as have separate girls' and guys' nights. She wants someone close to their family, who is outgoing, and who will be just as happy staying in with her eating pizza as he will be going out for a new adventure! 

Dater number one, Tanner, has a slightly dirty minifridge, which John says may indicate that he is not yet settled. Tanner has some salad, healthy, but also, some ground meat and cheese in his fridge, which is good since Brittany likes cheeseburgers! Brittany inquires about the charcuterie board in which Tanner explains is there as a mid-day snack or for late night snacking if friends are over.

Dater number two, Jack, is deemed a hipster by John. He's got sriracha, "the hipster's hot sauce," as well as tons of mason jars! It looks like he invests in his food and there is alcohol, which Brittany is okay with! Brittany asks about the pop-up meal Jack will make with the contents of his fridge, and he says woodfire pizzas. "I have my own pizza oven, it's portable so I'll bring it to friend's houses," he explains.

Watch: Which Man Will the RefrgerDATEr Choose?

Dater number three, Elias, has one of the healthiest fridges John has ever seen! He notes there is no junk food or sugary drinks but tons of salads, fruits, vegetables and supplements. The fridge is neat which John says may be a sign that Elias is also neat and organized in other parts of his life. Elias tells Brittany that he mostly stays home to eat but will go out occasionally.

It's the moment of truth... and Brittany picks dater number two, Jack! The Doctors have arranged for them to have their first date that night! 

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