Looking for a More Defined Jawline?

Dr. Deepak Dugar and Mia

As we age, our jawlines lose contour and can develop a dip or a pre-jowl sulcus on each side of the face. Plastic surgeon Dr. Deepak Dugar shares how hyaluronic acid fillers can help reshape our lower face as we age. He demonstrates using Restylane Define on his patient Mia, who gets a more youthful look to her face in just 5 minutes. 

Dr. Dugar shares that this area is often ignored by doctors when treating the lower face, and the idea is to fill some of the area that loses baby fat as we age. In addition to losing some of the fat in our face, the muscles start to pull on the area due to gravity. By injecting the filler under the muscle this allows it to lift and create the definition that was lost in the aging process. 

The beauty of this procedure is that it takes only 5 minutes because the product contains anesthetic in it, which Dr. Dugar describes as providing immediate comfort. Dr. Dugar shares this is something that he would recommend doing once a year, and can be done before considering a surgical facelift, pointing out that his patient Mia is not quite ready for that. 

See Mia’s impressive before and after, and hear what Dr. Dugar says you should avoid when finding the right person to perform this procedure for you. 

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