Long Time Viewers Get the Medical Attention They Need!

Playing Hope for Woman with Failing Vision?

Alice says she has been a fan of The Doctors since the show began in 2008 and she is joined with her husband Lynn to ask if anything can be done about their medical conditions. Alice’s vision is extremely diminished and Lynn has a tumor that continues to grow under his jawline. 

Alice says she goes to bed afraid that she’ll wake up the next day completely blind. She says her day starts out with her vision foggy and then by the end she can’t really see anything. She no longer drives and doesn’t even feel comfortable being outside without Lynn.

Lynn’s Warthin’s tumor has quadrupled in size over the years. He says it began the size of a peanut but now it’s gotten very large. He says it sometimes is painful and it feels like it’s putting pressure on the inside of his neck. He also says he has headaches that shoot up the back of his head into his scalp.

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First up, eye surgeon Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler has some news for Alice. He looked at her case and says she has advanced cataracts because she waited so long. In one eye, she has a lazy eye, and in the other seeing eye, she has the worst cataracts Dr. Wachler has ever seen!  

Dr. Wachler explains sun exposure is a huge factor for cataracts which is why he always recommends people wear sunglasses outside. Luckily, there are options to fix her cataracts.

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Next, The Doctors address Lynn’s tumor. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains Lynn has a benign, slow-growing, cystic tumor in the salivary glands. While most of the time these tumors are not cancerous, they can’t be treated without surgery. So, The Doctors have found otolaryngologist Dr. Christopher Tran of Bay Area ENT who will perform the operation as long as Lynn is a good candidate for it. Dr. Ordon says once they remove the tumor surgically it should be the end of his problem!