The Lip Injection Men Are Getting for 'Macho Mouth'

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Playing ‘Macho Mouth’ Lip Injections?

The Doctors reveal that more and more men are getting injections to achieve a "macho mouth."

The "macho" look is achieved with an injection in the lower lip. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains the technique is helpful for men who might be losing volume in the face and who are looking for a fuller lip. He says the goal is to have a "slight lower pout," similar to the lower of lips of Brad Pitt or Harry Styles.

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He explains a simple small injection can help men get this look. He notes that plastic surgeons have to be careful about just how much filler is used as you do not want to "feminize" their lips.

"I think it is a more youthful and sexy look," Dr. Ordon says seeing the results of a lower lip injection.

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 Dr. Ordon says the procedure usually only requires one syringe costing approximately $500 dollars and lasts for 3 to 6 months.