Life-Saving Service Animals to Be Thankful For!

Playing Service Dog Changed Bella’s Life

For some people, their lives depend on the strength, compassion, and dedication that service animals provide. The Doctors have been honored to meet truly amazing animals who have changed the lives of people in need - something we are very thankful for!

Meet service dog George (in the video above!), who has changed the life of 11-year-old Bella, who suffers from a rare genetic disorder.

We also recently meet Koira, who helps Paul live with Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, which causes him to have paralysis episodes. Koira has helped save Pual's life on multiple occasions.


Another dog to be thankful for is J.J., who stayed by Kaelyn's side in the operating room during surgery, showing us just how dedicated these animals can be!


Yet another amazing (and beyond adorable) service dog is Harlow, who has been trained to help care for Jaquie when she has a seizure.


The Doctors also share important information about what someone should do when a service dog approaches, in the video below.


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