Kids Shamed by School for Lunch Debt?

Playing Schools ‘Shaming’ Kids that Can’t Afford Their Lunch?

The Doctors discuss recent disturbing headlines about children being shamed for not being able to afford their lunch and for meal debt.

A school in New Jersey reportedly went so far as to limit what kids with meal debt were served, reportedly only giving the students tuna fish sandwiches, vegetables and milk. Some schools have reportedly stopped giving the kids any food at all if they owe more than $20 dollars in meal debt.

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Judge “Scary Mary” Chrzanowski says, "Shame on the schools!... Why can't they come up with alternatives?

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork contends that a child should not have to go without food because the parent owes money. The Doctors also note that a child who has to go without food could be bullied and ostracized for it.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho says kids who get a certain type of lunch could easily be labeled as the "poor" kid, noting that school lunchtime is prime for social skill building and being singled out.

The Doctors also note that kids who eat a proper meal perform better in school. They suggest organizing school-wide fundraising efforts to help alleviate the debt. 


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