Katy Perry's Secret to Looking Young is an Enema?

Playing Katy Perry’s Plan to Stay Young Involves Enemas?

Is the secret to looking young linked to spending more time on the toilet? Katy Perry recently revealed that she has been practicing a cleansing routine meant to remove toxins from the body, and a portion of it involves enemas. 

"I did this thing called Panca Karma, it's basically Ayurvedic eating and cleansing, you do lots of enemas... you definitely feel more energy, it basically like gets all the c**p out of you, every pun intended!" she reportedly said.

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So The Doctors are answering the question you're asking yourself right now - does pooping de-age you? Proctologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. David Rosenfeld weighs in on this anti-aging claim.

"I don't feel like if you poop a lot you're going to age slower," he says, noting that an enema can potentially remove the beneficial bacteria from the body, which could lead to inflammation, something that can cause aging.

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Dr. Rosenfeld suggests other ways to deal with inflammation is meditation (which lowers stress levels and stress proteins), give up processed foods and eat more vegetables, and have 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk fiber twice a day.

The Doctors note the best way to cleanse your body is by first putting healthy things in it in the first place!


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