Judge Mary’s Psychic Session with Medium Fleur

Playing Can a Medium Help Judge Mary with Brother’s Sudden Death?

Co-host of “Face The Truth” Judge Mary Chrzanowski was left with questions after the death of one of her brothers. The Doctors watch as Mary sits down with celebrity psychic Medium Fleur to try and connect with those in her life who have passed.

Medium Fleur says she is initially contacted by Mary’s mother. Then, a brother she lost from cancer. In both circumstances, Mary corroborates what Medium Fleur says about her family members. Mary has another brother who passed away yet how exactly his death occurred was a question Mary was still grappling with.

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Her brother's death was theorized as a heart attack. Medium Fleur shares that she is contacted by this brother and she says that it wasn’t hard drugs but drugs were in his system and something reacted badly with his heart. Mary says her brother was suffering from depression and they were trying to find the right medicines for him, so this makes sense. Fleur also puts Mary at ease because she says Mary’s brother lost consciousness so he did not experience suffering. She adds that it does not feel like his death was on purpose. 

“What she said really makes a lot of sense… I’m relieved that it wasn’t by his own taking and it might have just been the medication. There’s a great amount of relief she has been able to give me,” says Mary.

Mary and Medium Fleur join The Doctors after Mary’s session. Mary says she believes in spirits and that Medium Fleur has the ability to connect. “It can be a very fulfilling yet very emotional experience. I was emotionally drained when we were done because she’s answering questions I’ve been beating myself up over that made me feel better.”

Medium Fleur says she doesn’t know how to explain her abilities and surprisingly, she actually has a scientific background. She says she knows it works. When she’s working she has to suspend disbelief. It’s been a part of her, her entire life, and she feels she has to do it to help others.

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If you are interested in speaking to a medium, Medium Fleur says it makes sense to come in with a certain amount of skepticism but to also be open to the experience. You need to know it’s a vulnerable space. She also says to research and ask for recommendations, since many people may speak with a medium but don’t openly talk about it.

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