'Judge Judy's' Officer Petri Byrd Is Concerned About His Blood Sugar Levels

Playing Officer Byrd from 'Judge Judy' Reveals a Health Concern

“Judge Judy" star officer Petri Byrd comes to The Doctors to find why he might have had a spike in his A1C levels.

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He explains that during the holidays he saw a rise in his levels, and The Doctors note that lifestyle changes during celebratory events -- like eating more sugar and drinking of more alcohol -- can alter someone's blood sugar levels.

The Doctors note that people with diabetes need to be aware and conscious of their A1C levels as it can have a serious effect on visions, kidneys, and heart.

Going forward, The Doctors suggest to Petri to still enjoy himself but suggest pulling back some during celebratory times, where he might be tempted by foods or drinks that could affect his blood sugar levels.

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Petri, who has a history of diabetes in his family, stresses the importance of knowing your glucose levels and encourages others to make sure they are on top of theirs.

"A diagnosis of diabetes does not have to be scary, living with diabetes not knowing that you are living with diabetes, now that's scary because that is when it is doing the damage," ER physician Dr. Travis Stork adds.