Jessie Buttafuoco Reveals What She Would Say to Amy Fisher

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Playing Did the Spotlight Lead Joey Buttafuoco’s Daughter to Addiction?

The Doctors welcome Jessie Buttafuoco, daughter of Joey Buttafuoco, who shares how her childhood trauma affected her adult life. Plus, Jessie reveals what she would now say to her father's mistress Amy Fisher.

Jessie's family made headlines in the early 90s when her father had an affair with teenager Amy Fisher, who shot Jessie's mother Mary Jo in the face -- when Jessie was just 9 years old.

"That was the end of my childhood," she says looking back on the day Amy shot her mom. "My life became a reality show... the whole world hated my family."

Jessie says she began drinking as a teen in order to escape from "the insanity" and in her 20s she began abusing marijuana, cocaine, and ADHD medication. In her 30s, she felt hopeless and as if there was nothing left for her. "I lost all hope for myself, my future, and was ready to die," she recalls. 

Joining The Doctors, she shares that despite the trauma of growing up in such an infamous family, she does not blame her father or Amy for how the events of her childhood affected her life. "Placing blame has never serviced me or my mental health," she explains.

Jessie also reveals she never received therapy or support as a child and feels she never learned how to regulate her emotions or process what had happened to her. This has left her feeling fearful, panicked, and anxious and these feelings still affect her as an adult.

She says she is working to rewire her feelings through support groups and group therapy, but still has major trust issues in relationships and also fears for her safety, revealing she worries about being shot and being taken advantage of. "I've never been in love," she admits, explaining she has never had a desire to have a relationship out of a fear of being exploited or physically hurt.

Jessie says as part of her healing process, she has cut out toxic people from her life and tells The Doctors she no longer speaks with her father Joey. "No hate, no animosity, but I need space and time to grow and take care of my mental health.... when it comes to me being alive on this planet, I'm going to do whatever it is I need to do to make it happen."

She is happy to share she has a great relationship with her mom but says mom Mary Jo is still dealing with the gunshot injuries (facial paralysis, hip, and shoulder issues) and says the bullet from Amy Fisher's gun is still in her mom's body. Jessie now lives with her mom in order to help take care of her.  

And what would Jessie say to her father's mistress and the woman who shot her mom?

"We're going to send Amy Fisher a lot of compassion, healing, and understanding... our childhoods greatly define who we are as human beings and Amy Fisher did not have a good childhood either. I honestly pray for her children," Jessie tells The Doctors

Hear more from Jessie on her podcast Live Your Life Kween.

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