'Jersey Shore' Star Gets Surgery for His Six-Pack!

Ronnie gets his abs drawn on prior to surgery
Ronnie gets his abs drawn on prior to surgery

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

"Jersey Shore" star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is a new father and life has changed a bit since he's gotten older; "gym, tan, laundry is now gym, tan, diapers," he jokes. Ronnie has always been a workout fanatic but finds his six-pack isn't what it used to be. Ronnie gets some help from plastic surgeon Dr. Christoper Khorsandi who performs laser high-def lipo on Ronnie's abs, and The Doctors' cameras are there to film the surgery!

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The Doctors speak to Ronnie over the phone a few days after his surgery and he shares he is "feeling like crap!" The before and after photos certainly show a difference in his abs! Dr. Khorsandi also joins on Skype and explains the difference between this technique and traditional liposuction is it allows doctors to target a superficial layer of fat they are unable to reach with traditional lipo. They can remove fat without getting any irregularities. 

Dr. Khorsandi explains Ronnie won't regain fat again in that area, but he still needs to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. If he takes in too many calories, and hypothetically, makes cheeseburgers a part of his daily life, then he can have fat redistribute in other parts of the body.

Ronnie's pain is also likely extreme because Ronnie, who has previously gone to rehab, is trying to recover using only Ibuprofen to manage his pain. Dr. Khorsandi says Ronnie should feel about 70% better by the end of the first week, and about 90% by the end of the second. 

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The cost of the procedure is about $20 to $30 thousand but Dr. Khorsandi says a lot of work and time goes into the surgery and the results are permanent. He recommends finding a skilled surgeon if you are interested in this high-def lipo, not any surgeon who does lipo is necessarily qualified for this procedure. ER physician Dr. Travis Stork also reminds viewers that if you feel bad about yourself after seeing photos of fitness models or celebrities, remember, many of them have had a little help from plastic surgeons!

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