Jana Kramer’s Struggle to Conceive

Playing Drs. Exclusive: Singer Jana Kramer’s Struggle to Conceive

Jana Kramer is a chart-topping country singer and actress. While her career hit highs, Jana dealt with personal lows overcoming multiple devastating miscarriages. Jana decided to post open and honest videos on social media throughout her journey. 

Jana shares that prior to her first daughter, Jolie, she tried IVF, and it ended in a miscarriage. When Jolie was about two years old, Jana and her husband decided to try for a second. Jana got pregnant after a few months but at her 10-week check-up, the heartbeat was no longer there. Once they grieved the loss of that baby, they decided to give IVF another chance.

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After a month of injections and medications, Jana had a procedure to implant their embryo. From a cheerful Jana on “implantation day” to a crying Jana after finding out it didn’t work, she says that was her fifth miscarriage in the last three years. At that moment, Jana decided to focus on her career. A month later, she got pregnant! She was scared but after having her 16-week ultrasound, Jana let herself be excited.

A pregnant Jana joins The Doctors. She shares that it’s still scary but luckily right now everything is going well! Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra asks Jana why she chose to be so open and transparent about her experiences to get to this point. Jana says, “I know other women have felt this and gone through this pain, I wanted to share that I’m feeling it too, and we’re not alone.” Dr. Batra shares that 10 – 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriages, yet most women suffer in silence. She thanks Jana for doing such a service by sharing her own story. 

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Jana says that with both pregnancies, she got pregnant naturally right after a failed IVF. She wonders if there is a reason for that and to answer her question, The Doctors invite on double-board certified OB/GYN and reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Shahin Ghadir. Dr. Ghadir says there is a connection. “There are some people, that we are not sure why, but the actual process of IVF whether it’s the hormones, the lighting up of the uterus and the ovaries, it kind of wakes things up and as they are not successful at that moment, during the next couple of months, their body releases that magical egg that allows them to implant.” 

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says one of the great ways Jana has stayed so positive is with her work through the CMA Foundation. Jana explains that she suffers from anxiety, and singing and being around music is one way she talks herself out of an anxiety attack. Jana performs every year at CMA Fest, which donates all of the proceeds to schools to make sure they continue to have music classes. She says music has helped her so much so she is grateful to be able to give back.

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