It's Easier to Go Meat-Free Than You Think!

Playing The Burger You Won't Believe is Vegan?

Are you looking to go meat-free? The Doctors take a look at the some of the many ways you can cut out meat from your diet and still enjoy some of your favorite types of food.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon and his wife Robyn tested out the Impossible Burger, which is meat-free and vegan and made from soy, wheat, coconut oil, and potatoes and contains the ingredient heme (an iron-containing molecule found in plants and meat). This gives meat that sizzle and bleeding effect. "It tasted like meat. It was great," Dr. Ordon says, explaining that if he had not been told it was vegan that he would have never known it was not made from beef.

John Salley is a big proponent of going meatless and the NBA star shared some of his favorite vegan dishes with The Doctors. He says that when he changed to a plant-based diet that he was able to dramatically lower his high cholesterol levels.


Chef Rocco DiSpirito brought some of his tasty plant-based dishes to The Doctors which included veggie burgers, pasta, and even a chocolate dessert. He says his dishes are loaded with protein, fiber and "good for you" carbs. Get the recipes, here!     


Food Network star Damaris Phillips joined the show and shared her meat-free version of meatloaf and a meatless greens recipe. She says she fell in love with a vegetarian and was inspired to create Southern-style dishes that were vegetarian, but still retained their Southern vibe. Get the recipes, here!


And, would you be willing to only eat food found in the produce aisle? Marley showed us how easy it can be to eat healthy vegan dishes (usually for only $10 dollars a day)! from foods found only in the produce section of your supermarket. He shares his take on pizza and nachos, all of which are meat-free! Find out more about Marley's Produce Section Challenge, here!