Is It Possible for Someone to Smell Parkinson’s Disease?

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Playing Woman Can Smell Parkinson’s Disease?

Could it be possible for someone to smell a disease? The Doctors discuss a woman who claims she is able to sniff out Parkinson’s disease -- even before it is diagnosed!

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She reportedly was able to smell her husband's Parkinson’s disease years before doctors discovered he was suffering from it. She says she was able to determine he had the disease 10 years before a diagnosis to due to a change in his body odor. She says his scent became "musky."

The woman, who is now working with researchers, was given 12 shirts, half of which came from people with the disease and the other from people not dealing with Parkinson's disease. She was able to correctly determine who had the disease and who did not in each instance.

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The Doctors explain that researchers hypothesize that a change in the skin occurs when someone has the disease. They note that early detection of Parkinson’s disease can possibly lead to slowing down the progression of the nervous system disorder, which can lead to body tremors, slow movements, stiffness, and loss of balance in those affected.