Is It Easier to Lose Weight as a Couple?

Playing Easier to Lose Weight as a Couple?

When it comes to dropping the pounds, is it easier when you have a partner?

The Doctors discuss a new study which tracked the weight loss of 130 couples for 6 months and found that when 1 person is committed to getting fit that in 33 percent of the couples the other person lost weight as well.

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The Doctors warn that the opposite can occur when one person in a couple wants to indulge that it can be easy for the other person to indulge with them.

“If you’re really trying to be healthy and your partner is sabotaging you, you have to be a little strict with them,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork warns. Dr. Travis also feels that couples who commit to being healthy together can benefit from a “new spark.”

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They note a team approach to making better choices could easily be applied to things like quitting smoking and drinking less as well.