Is Your Sinus Infection Actually a Brain Fluid Leak?

Playing Is It a Sinus Infection or Something More Serious?

The following material contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

Could your sinus infection actually be something much more concerning?

The Doctors welcome Danielle, whose persistent sinus infection caused her to have an extremely runny nose which leaked all night and required her to cover her pillow with a towel. When she would bend over, she says her nose would "run like a faucet" and she could also hear the fluid sloshing around her head.

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After months of experiencing what she believed was a sinus infection and being misdiagnosed multiple times, doctors discovered she had a brain fluid leak and she was rushed into surgery.

Just months after her successful surgery, The Doctors are happy to welcome Danielle and neurosurgeon Dr. Martin Mortazavi to the show to discuss her condition get an update on her health.

"I'm doing great now. There is no more leak. I'm feeling so much better. I don't have headaches... I'm not dripping," she says, sharing she is so happy to have her health scare behind her

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Dr. Mortazavi explains he was able to essentially plug Danielle's leak with fat from her hip, nose cartilage and medical glue. They are still unsure of what caused the leak in the first place.

In the midst of Danielle's health scare, she was in the process of adopting her daughter Carmen and she feared she might not survive and be able to become a mom to Carmen. Danielle is happy to share the adoption is now official. To help the family celebrate this milestone, Great Wolf Lodge has offered Danielle and Carmen a weekend away in a family suite!

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