Is Your Pet Not Eating? How Pet Parents Can Help

Dog not eating

If your pet is not eating, it could be a sign of a potential health issue for your four-legged friend.  Find out what you can do to help!

The Doctors found the advice of Martha Stewart's animal experts to be very helpful, who say a pet not eating is usually due to a medical issue or a behavioral change.

What should pet owners do first for an animal that will not eat?

The experts say a lack of appetite should not cause a major panic for pet parents and note major changes in the pet's life (moving to a new home, a new family member, switching to a new food, a vacation) can lead to a pet not eating. The experts say stressed pets can also lose their desire to eat. To entice a pet to eat, they suggest remaining calm and preparing the animal a meal of plain cooked chicken or steamed white rice in order to entice them to eat again.

When should a pet owner worry?

The experts say if your animal has gone 3 days without eating, has an irregular stool, or is eating grass to contact a veterinarian. These warning signs could be an indication of an underlying medical or issue. 

Trust your pet parent instincts

The experts also note that pet owners know what is normal of their little furry friend and if something seems off, it is best to consult with your vet.

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