Is Woman Getting Catfished or Finding Love?

Playing Online Dates Should Steal Your Heart – Not Your Money!

The Doctors welcome Xandra who went online looking for love, but worries she is getting taken advantage of. We investigate if she getting catfished or not!

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She tells us she has given a mystery man (who she has never met) around $5,000 after only speaking and communicating with him online for about a year ago. She says she was looking for some attention and reached out to the person, and they began chatting and she says the man initially said all the right things, and it made her heart skip a few beats. The situation got dicey when he asked her to for money and she ended up owing her bank $4800 because of it.

To help Xandra determine if she is getting catfished or not, we call on private investigator Brad Pfanner to work his magic and dig deeper into the person's alleged identity.

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Brad says he searched nationwide public records and credit information and found out some shocking details about Xandra's mystery suitor. Watch the video about to find out what caused Xandra to proclaim, "I'm done... I won't be talking to him anymore."

The Doctors remind our viewers to never give anyone money you have met online who you have never met in person.


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