Is This New Type of Facial a Health Concern?

Playing Facial that Puts Foundation into Your Skin?

Could a beauty treatment that claims to give you a semi-permanent foundation actually be a health concern?

The Doctors discuss the BB Glow Facial with Natalie who performs the technique. She explains the beauty treatment is similar to micro-needling and uses tiny needles to apply a cream containing vitamins and minerals to the skin of the face. She claims it gives someone a healthy glow and allows you to wear little or no makeup. She suggests getting the treatment 2 to 3 times, with each session happening 2 weeks apart and it costs around $200 dollars per session.

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Mandy, who has had the treatment, says she has sensitive skin and has loved the results. Natalie says this is not a tattooing of foundation but a semi-permanent effect that will eventually fade.

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra feels this technique could be “very problematic” in the long term due to how much of the skin is being treated and because of the non-FDA-approved ingredients in the BB Glow serum. She notes many of them have not been tested and approved to be pushed into the skin with a needle. Dr. Batra worries they could become a source of toxicity or cause an allergic reaction to the user. She is also very concerned about the possibility of people performing this treatment at home in a non-sterile environment. “I just feel like this is so fraught with problems!” she says.

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The Doctors stress to always see a professional for any beauty technique involving needles and be aware of the risks of the BB Glow Facial before undergoing.


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