Is 'Performance Beer' after a Workout Good for You?

Playing ‘Performance Beer’ Marketed for Post-Workout?

Should you ever drink a beer right after working out? The Doctors weigh in on "performance beer," which claims to contain electrolytes, fewer calories, and helps replenish the body after breaking a sweat.

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But what's the real deal when it comes to post-workout beer?

The Doctors question whether some people might just be working out in order to have an excuse just to drink beer, and they also fear some people might overdo how much they drink. They do acknowledge that the beer has less sugar and artificial ingredients when compared to many sports drinks, but before you crack open a "performance beer," they note that alcohol can hinder muscle recovery.

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The real deal: Water is the best post-workout drink and The Doctors say, if you want a beer, enjoy one at another time and not after exercising.


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