Is Online Therapy Effective?

Playing Would You Try Online Therapy for Mental Health?

With over half of Americans considering seeking out mental health treatment, The Doctors ask if online therapy is the answer?

The panel notes online therapy can help cut down on cost and also allow people to get help in areas where access might be an issue.

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho says just 10 years ago many in the mental health field questioned if this style of therapy would be a good trend or not, but now, she feels there are many positive benefits for online therapy. For instance, she says for people who live in rural areas, who do not have access to a psychologist or psychiatrist in their area, using the online option can solve this issue. 

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One aspect to consider with online therapy is how the connection between patient and therapist is established. She notes for some people, building a rapport via the computer can be challenging at first, but she suggests to give it time, and it will develop, despite being remote. As always, she stresses that people do their research when deciding on a possible psychologist or psychiatrist, and suggests looking at multiple options and reading the doctor's reviews and verify their accreditations.


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