Is Mouthwash Raising Your Blood Pressure?

Playing Is Mouthwash Raising Your Blood Pressure?

Should you be thinking twice about using your morning mouthwash?

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The Doctors are joined by biochemist and psychologist Dr. Nathan Bryan who explains that bacteria found in the mouth produces nitric oxide, which regulates our blood pressure. He explains that antiseptic mouthwash can end up killing the good bacteria in the mouth and inhibit our ability to naturally maintain blood pressure

He notes if someone is exercising to lower their blood pressure, that then using mouthwash will negate the progress they have made at lowering it. Dr. Bryan feels if you are just using mouthwash to freshen your breath and not to deal with a dental care issue like gingivitis, that using the mouthwash might not be in your best interest.

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With more than 2 million people waking up and using mouthwash, and studies showing the use of mouthwash is causing blood pressure to rise, he feels we need to really weigh the benefits of the mouthwash against how it may affecting your health. Dr. Byran also notes that 2 out of 3 people in America have elevated blood pressure and he feels one way to possibly help with this health challenge is examining the role mouthwash may play in it.


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