Is It Possible to Sleepwalk out of a Window?

The Doctors welcome sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta to discuss some sleep-related issues including the case of a man who fell six stories during a sleepwalking incident.

The man's fall as reportedly broken by scaffolding but he suffered a broken leg, broken ribs, and injured his back and torso. He reportedly has a history of sleepwalking and says he had been taking his girlfriend's sleeping pills.

Dr. Raj explains that in many cases like this that alcohol and sleeping medications are usually involved. He says that for an adult to be having a parasomnia like sleepwalking that it is important to find the cause, which may be things like undiagnosed sleep apnea, alcohol consumption, sleeping aids, and sleep deprivation. He also goes on to explain that sleepwalking is not a zombie-like state and says that often people are semi-aware of their environment during the incident.

He recommends that if you know you are experiencing this or are told you are sleepwalking to see a sleep specialist.

Find out what Dr. Raj thinks about some parents in England placing their children outside in the cold in order to sleep better in the video below.