Is European Baby Formula Safer?

Playing Are Baby Formulas from Europe Safer for Your Baby?

The Doctors discuss why some parents in America are looking to Europe for their baby formula. 

The panel explains there is a perception that the formulas produced in Europe are more natural and contain higher quality ingredients but is this actually the case?

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Pediatrician Dr. Eric Ball says these overseas formulas are not FDA-regulated, and therefore their safety and nutritional claims cannot be verified. He also explains the chain of command of theses formulas is unknown and details about where it was stored and for how long are unknown. He warns the product could be expired or kept in a storage facility that was too hot. 

Dr. Ball also warns the directions to prepare the formula is often in another language and if the formula is not mixed properly, it can alter it's effecteiveness. Also, parents might be easily confused by the measurements being in metric. He says an improperly measured formula can cause a baby's electrolytes to become imbalanced, which can lead to lethargy and in the worst cases even seizures.

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Dr. Ball stresses that parents should be "100 percent sure" that formula is safe before giving it to their baby and to speak with their pediatrician if they have questions. He says to only buy baby formula from trusted retail locations.


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