Is Employer Liable for Man Mixing Business with Pleasure?

Playing A Post-Coital Heart Attack Deemed a ‘Workplace Accident’?

The Doctors weigh in on the case of a married man who died on a business trip of a heart attack after having sex and discuss whether the incident should be deemed a workplace accident or not.

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A French court ruled this was a work-related accident and held his employer liable, but what does the panel, including retired judge Mary Chrzanowski, think of this ruling?

Judge Mary explains, "Generally the test is, are you acting within the course of your employment? Are you doing something to benefit your employer?" She adds, "I don't think that case would have made it here in the United States."

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Judge Mary also notes that in most states adultery is a crime, and she questions if an employer should be held responsible for something that occurs while an alleged crime is being committed.

Let this story be a cautionary tale for anyone traveling to France on business!


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