Is Being Fake Happy at Work Causing You to Drink?

Playing Can Faking Emotions Lead to Excessive Drinking?

Do you have to put on a happy face at work? These fake emotions might be causing you to drink excessively!

The Doctors welcome psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli to weigh in on a study which found  people who felt like they had to fake positive emotions while working were at a higher risk of heavy drinking after work. Additionally, the study found that people with public-facing jobs tend to drink more when compared to less public positions.

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Dr. Sportelli says this study illustrates how "emotional labor" can take its toll on someone and he says being emotionally tired can lead to more drinking.

But should we be worried about destressing after work with a few drinks? Possibly says Dr. Sportelli, noting it can lead to consequences at your job and personal life, explaining too much of this behavior could lead to a potential alcohol dependence issue. He also says that excessive emotional labor can lead to employee burnout, more absenteeism, and a greater chance of employees quitting.

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So how can people help avoid feeling too much emotional labor while at work? Dr. Sportelli suggests:

  • Be conscious of the meaning and purpose of your job
  • Try to have a sense of autonomy and a feeling of control at work
  • Make sure you have control of your break schedule, have the ability to socialize with co-workers, and also be able to change up your workday tasks

Additionally, he suggests after work you should exercise consistently, have an outside hobby and have a good support system outside of the workplace. Check out the video below to learn about possible warning signs that you may have a drinking problem.


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