Is a Heavy Sleep a Health Concern?

Playing Should You Be Concerned about Heavy Sleeping?

Is sleeping too deeply something you should be worried about?

Viewer Jared asked us on Twitter, "Heavy sleeping is ruining my life! This has been going on since my teen years, but I sleep so heavily it's almost impossible for me to woken up. My wife is sick of it and so am I! Should I be concerned?"

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The Doctors called on sleep expert Dr. Raj Dasgupta to weigh in on the viewer's question. He explains that most adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep, however, there are some people who are "short" and "long" sleepers, and both can feel well during the day and both groups can have quality sleep during the night.

Dr. Raj warns that if your heavy sleeping is leading to excessive sleep -- like 14 hours -- if you are feeling fatigued during the day, or if it is difficult to woken during the night, a sleep study from a sleep specialist may be needed in order to get to the root of your sleep concerns. He explains the sleep study can help determine if you are experiencing hypersomnia with long sleep syndrome.

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Plus in the video above, find out if The Doctors think you can catch up on missed sleep with extra sleep on a different night.

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