Is Invisible Lip Liner a Buzz or Bust?

Playing Solve Your Makeup Woes with an Invisible Lip Liner

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra tests out invisible lip liner and says it's “a really innovative buzz!” The lip liner is perfect for those who struggle with getting the dark lines of their lip liner symmetric or matching their liner with the lipstick.

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It’s used just as you would a lipliner, to try and keep your gloss or lipstick within the lines of your mouth and avoid it bleeding or feathering out onto the surrounding skin. Dr. Batra says you can think of it as a primer for your lips because it will help things stay put. 

She has found there are very interesting formulations of this invisible liner from all different brands ranging in price from $6-30. The more expensive ones will often have extras like hydrating gels or hyaluronic acid. 

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If you’ve got an unsteady hand and need a little help with your makeup application, this lip liner is for you! It’s rare for Dr. Batra, but this is her second buzz of the day! To find out the first, check out the video below! 

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