Insta-Famous Trainer Shares His Top Two Moves

Playing ‘Tree Man’ Fitness Trainer Shares Workout Tips and Advice

Are you looking to tone up your core? If so, fitness trainer Danny Jones, aka Tree Man, has two moves you must-try! Danny explains that if you are a beginner looking to lose weight, focus on getting stronger, not the number on the scale.

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Danny also says most people want those six-pack abs but will have an imbalance because they neglect to strengthen their backs as well. Don't make that same mistake! 

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Danny demonstrates "walk-outs," which are great for building core strength. He then does a lower back strengthening exercise, "Superman," showing both the beginner and more advanced versions. Check out the video above to learn the proper way to do both moves. For an added bonus, Danny has two types of squats to tone your backside in the clip below!

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