Inspiring Doctors Guests Not Letting Their Age Hold Them Back!

Playing This 97-Year-Old Powerlifting Woman Can Bench Press 150 Pounds!

The Doctors have said it before, “age is just a number,” and they’ve shared stories of people who prove that point. Here are some of those inspiring videos.

Edith is a 97-year-old woman who can bench press 150 pounds! Breaking all the stereotypes, this weightlifter has a goal of deadlifting 200 pounds before she turns 100 years old!

At 19 years old, Matisse Love is the youngest American to dance and tour with The Russian Ballet Theatre. Matisse joins The Doctors to share her journey.

“It’s not about age, it’s about state of mind” is the message of China’s “hottest grandpa,” this 80-year-old runway model. The Doctors check out some videos and photos and can’t help commenting on his impressive physique! 

At only 11-years-old, Tabay is America’s youngest yoga teacher! Tabay shares his touching story of what inspired him to get certified as well as brings some moves for The Doctors to try out.

He may not look it, but Charles is 97-years-old! Charles is a two-time record holding sprinter who only began this new sport at the age of 95!

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