Injecting Gas to Get a Flatter Stomach?!

Playing Can You Fight Fat with Carbon Dioxide?

The Doctors discuss carboxytherapy which is the practice of injecting carbon dioxide gas into the abdomen. A recent study from Northwestern University found doing this could reduce belly fat for up to six months. 

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says it’s important to note that this treatment is targeting subcutaneous fat. This is the fat you can pinch and the CO2 is being injected below the skin but away from inner organs. The cells are not being killed but the gas shrinks them, which causes them to leak in some way. The leakage is then picked up by the lymphatic system and carried away. 

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry points out that this was a small study of only 16 people who were either overweight or with a normal BMI and ER physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that after six months most of the results wore off. Dr. Travis asks Dr. Ordon if he would recommend this treatment as opposed to the many others out there such as melting, freezing, or sucking out the fat. 

“Call me old school but I love good old-fashioned liposuction,” says Dr. Ordon. However, he does say that all of those modalities Dr. Travis mentioned could work for small changes. He adds that there is still a need for more studies though and that none of them are a substitute for diet and exercise

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Dr. Travis highlights the importance of focusing on visceral fat, the fat he refers to as “toxic goop.” This is the fat you can’t see that surrounds your organs and is biochemically active. It can only be eliminated through diet change and this is also the fat that can kill you. 

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