Indiana Women Nearly Loses Leg from Hot Tub Folliculitis!

Playing Woman Almost Lost Her Leg after Spending Time in a Hot Tub

Spending time in a hot tub is meant to be relaxing, but for Doctors' guest Taylor, it was far from it! A dip in the hot tub while on vacation almost caused her to lose her leg.

She says problems began while on vacation when she felt nauseous and also had a leg cramp. A trip to urgent care turned into a hospital visit, where she got an ultrasound to determine if she had a blood clot. She ended up not having a blood clot and was given antibiotics and told to see her doctor when she returned home from vacation. The next day, her ankle swelled and she was unable to put pressure on it. Her family doctor prescribed her more antibiotics, but then her skin began to turn black, yellow and green. She was then admitted to the hospital in order to receive IV antibiotics and she feared she might lose her leg.

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She was told the infection was due to hot tub folliculitis, which dermatologist Dr. Tess Mauricio explains can actually be fairly common. She says Taylor's case is rare due to how severe it became. It normally presents itself as small red dots or marks. Dr. Mauricio says when shaving your legs, which Taylor had done before going into the hot tub, bacteria can enter the skin and cause an infection.

So should someone wait before getting into a hot tub after shaving your legs? Dr. Mauricio says she recommends waiting 24 to 48 hours to allow the skin to heal. She says the same recommendation applies to waxing the legs as well.

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Despite her serious health scare, Taylor is happy to share with The Doctors that her infection has cleared and she's feeling much better. To help heal her wound, Dr. Mauricio recommends she limit her exposure to the sun, keep it moisturized and possibly try a fading cream on the area once it has completely healed.

The Doctors note Taylor's ordeal is a great reminder to never go into the water with an open wound.


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