Improve Your Life by Changing Your Voice!

Playing Change Your Voice to Change Your Life?

The Doctors are joined by celebrity voice coach Roger Love. He’s worked with celebrities like Ariana Grande, Eminem, and Reese Witherspoon, to name a few! He says his mission is simple: he is trying to make the world a better place one voice at a time.

Roger joins The Doctors and explains that he believes our voices, not our body language and facial expressions, are the true measure of believability. He says this has now been scientifically proven. People will make judgments within two seconds of hearing your voice on whether or not they like you, want to talk to you, and want to have a relationship with you!

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Psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major agrees, saying he works with men who are dating, focusing on their tone of voice. The Doctors want to see Roger in action so they invite two guests on stage to have their voices diagnosed!

First is Nikki, a wedding coordinator from Colorado. Nikki smiles as she speaks which Roger tells her is actually not what she should be doing! “People think that smiling while talking to someone else is going to make them like you… But when you don’t open your mouth and you keep your teeth really closed, then the sound can’t get out, and then it gives the impression that you’re hiding something,” Roger explains. Roger tells Nikki to drop her jaw, taking ahold of it to coach her through!

The next guest, Jen, shares that she is in the military and for fun likes to work out, hike and hang with her battle buddies. Roger notes that Jen lowers her voice because she is typically in a male atmosphere. He tells her it’s okay for her to speak higher. There is an area of overlapping frequencies where men and women share the same kind of sound, and he wants her to speak like a strong, confident woman!

Dr. Ish chimes in to “always be you.” If you’re authentic and it comes across genuine, people will get you. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra asks what can viewers do at home to work on their voices?

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Roger says the biggest problem people have is that they speak in monotone. He says we need to use an ascending scale melody, where we go from low to high notes. Give it a shot and see how the world responds!

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