Important Questions to Ask Your Fertility Clinic

Playing Do Fertility Clinics Need More Regulation?

The Doctors continue their discussion about fertility fraud with Eve, who learned her mother's fertility doctor was her biological father after undergoing DNA testing. She shares her suggestions on what you should ask your fertility clinic before becoming a patient.

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She stresses that prospective patients of a fertility clinic ask numerous questions about the facility's procedures and practices. For example: 

  • What happens to the reproductive material after they take it?
  • Who is handling the reproductive material?
  • Who signs off on the reproductive material?
  • Inquire about the lab and its practices and methods and how they ensure safety and avoid possible errors and mistakes.

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She notes the 5.4 billion-dollar fertility industry is essentially self-regulated. She adds, "Check out your doctor. If you don't have a good feeling about him, then go somewhere else."


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