I’m the Mom, Why Do I Have Baby Hair?!

Playing Why Do New Moms Get ‘Baby Hair’ after Giving Birth?

A mother writes to The Doctors saying her baby just turned one but she’s the one with baby hairs! She wants to know why this happened and if she can do anything about it.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry explains in pregnancy, hormones can increase hair growth and then after the baby is born, the hormones decrease and along with the stress of motherhood can cause hair to fall out. As the hair starts to grow back, it looks like baby hair.

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This can’t be stopped but there are some do’s and don’ts for hair growth.

Don’t: over process, over-color, pull your hair back too tight
Do: use a wide tooth comb, blow dry on cool settings, eat a healthy diet

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A doctor can do additional testing to make sure there aren’t any other reasons for the hair loss like nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune issues, or something hormonally like thyroid problems. However, it’s likely this is all due to the pregnancy and hormones during it, and after about 15-20 months the hair should grow enough to blend in with the rest of the hair on the head.


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