If You’re Trying to Conceive or Pregnant Stay Away from Facial Fillers and Botox

Playing Can Facial Fillers During Pregnancy Be Harmful?

The Doctors discuss a question submitted on Facebook from a viewer who wants to get facial fillers but is also trying to get pregnant. She wants to know if it’s safe to get filler since she doesn’t want to do anything that’s risky during this time.

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra says she doesn’t think there is a safe way to inject facial fillers while pregnant. None of them have been studied in pregnant women so they are considered category C which means they don’t know that they cause harm but there are no studies to prove they are safe.

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Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says we just don’t know and when you’re pregnant, it’s not worth taking any chances. Dr. Batra agrees, saying, “When you take that category [an elective superficial procedure] compared to something that could potentially harm your baby, it’s just not worth it.” 

Dr. Batra notes that there is a lot of post-market data on Botox, which has been around since 1989, and there are some women who didn’t know they were pregnant who got Botox and the good news is post-market data did not show any birth defects or problems. However, it’s still not worth taking that risk.

Most fillers contain hyaluronic acid which is a sugar gel that is naturally found in the joints. If there are remnants of it from months ago in the system, Dr. Batra says it likely is not going to impact the health of the baby. If you are actively trying to get pregnant, those first couple of weeks where you don’t know are when the baby’s organs are forming so it’s the least likely time you’d want to start injecting foreign objects into your body.

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Dr. Ordon notes both he and Dr. Batra use fillers and Botox daily and while they typically don’t see reactions, sometimes, they do. Where you get an injection could create an inflammatory response and that may affect the rest of the body, including a baby if you are pregnant. Dr. Ordon notes he has also seen women who have gotten fiilers close to getting pregnant and those areas that got fillers “sort of blow up!”

The Doctors say better safe than sorry and besides, once you’re pregnant your skin will have a natural glow all on its own!

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