If You're Pregnant Try These 3 Exercises for a Smoother Delivery

Playing Tips for Staying Fit during Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is not only great for your health but may also help women prepare for an easier, less painful birth. PopSugar fitness expert and mom-to-be, Anna Renderer, is backstage with two other pregnant ladies to demonstrate some moves for when you're expecting.

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The first is done on all fours and is called "birddog." The exercise helps to stabilize the muscles during pregnancy as well as strengthens the core which will aid in the recovery of the abs after delivery. It also will help to prevent overarching in the back. 

The next more is called a "hip flexor release," and it's so simple you can do it without anyone noticing! Anna demonstrates and says it helps release tension in the lower back. Also, when in this split stance, you can use your core muscles to hug the baby, which is not unhealthy or harmful to do!

The last move is a "deep squat," and this one is challenging! By squatting all the way to the floor and holding for about a minute, this move gets your pelvic floor muscle, groin and legs stronger for labor. 

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Some of these are more advanced moves where you may want either a partner to hold onto or a chair to maintain balance. Before trying anything out, be sure to check with your OB/GYN that they are appropriate for you.

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