How YouTube Star GloZell Green Treated Her Urinary Incontinence

Playing GloZell Green, YouTube Star, Suffers from Urge Incontinence

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

YouTube star GloZell Green has come to The Doctors to reveal an embarrassing health secret. 

The social media star is struggling with urinary incontinence. She tells us she is forced to lay a towel down on the car seat, wear 2 pairs of underwear and also a pad in order to avoid a mishap. "It's just getting ridiculous," she says of her condition.

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She visits aesthetic and cosmetic physician Dr. Aleix Bazzi, who performs the "O-Shot" on her. After topical anesthesia is used, a shot of platelet-rich plasma is injected "down there." Dr. Bazzi says patients can see "an 80 percent improvement" of urinary incontinence symptoms with just 1 shot.

A few days after the procedure, GloZell joins the show and happily, shares she feels "1000 percent different." She has been able to go back to wearing just 1 pair of underwear and no longer needs to wear a pad. She also tells us she's dribble-free and has not had any incidents.

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Dr. Bazzi says GloZell will continue to see improvements with her issue in the coming weeks and months. He also says the "O-Shot" can help patients experience better orgasms, due to better blood flow to the area.


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