How Woman Who Weighed over 500 Pounds Has Transformed Her Life & Health

Playing Woman Fighting Obesity Shares Inspiring Update

The Doctors check in with Chrissy, who when we first met her, weighed over 500 pounds and feared she would not live to see her 35th birthday. Find out how she is progressing on her health journey since appearing on the show.

After the show, she went to Premiere Fitness Camp where she has been making amazing progress. She has lost 63 pounds and 35 inches off her waist.

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"I’m doing well. I’m doing more and more each day," she says, explaining that she’s learning a great deal about nutrition and exercise. "I’m really encouraged by all of the changes I have made."

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She says not everything has been “easy.” She feels the constant working out has been challenging, but she has been making more and more progress with each day.

"For years, I was just watching life pass me by and for the first time I feel like I’m an active participant… I’ve learned how important it is to take care of myself," she adds.