How Tyler Henry Receives Information from The Other Side

Playing 'Hollywood Medium' Tyler Henry Gives Dr. Travis Stork a Spot-On Reading

“Hollywood Medium” star Tyler Henry joins The Doctors, and Dr. Travis Stork gets a reading from the clairvoyant medium. Before the reading, Dr. Travis admits he was nervous, anxious and skeptical of a reading, but afterward, he tells Tyler, “You describe things that no one else would know... I couldn’t believe how accurate you were.”

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Tyler explains to The Doctors how he’s able to tap into the information he shares with people during a reading, explaining it's helping to deliver a letter from the other side. He says he doesn't write the letter, but is more like the mailman, helping it get to the recipient. 

“When I sit with a person I just meditate, and when I meditate I get into a certain state of mind, where I am almost hyper-receptive to any impressions that I feel, And these impressions come through physically, emotionally, and sometimes they even come through as memories that aren’t mine. I basically just have to relay and communicate everything that comes through in a coherent way,” he says of his process.

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Tyler says his gift first manifested itself at the age of 10 when he woke up in the middle of the night with the feeling that his grandmother was going to pass away. He feels his sixth sense uses his other five senses during a reading. He says he’s not able to see anyone's deceased loved ones standing near them. He believes during a reading he takes on the residual feelings that come through, and this may be in the form of visions, emotions, or even memories that are not his own.

But can Tyler sense things about his own life before they happen?

The “Hollywood Medium” star says reading himself is difficult, but he was able to predict he had an issue with his brain three weeks before being diagnosed with hydrocephalus. At first, he thought it was just a migraine, but he was convinced something much more serious was wrong with his brain and 3 weeks later he was in the ICU.

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Could the rest of us become more intuitive? Tyler believes we can and shares his top tip on how to be more present and connected. Plus, find out more about Tyler’s upcoming live reading tour, here.


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