How to Use the Kitchen to Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

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Playing Romantic 3-Course Meal at Home Made Easy

Chef LaLa shares how date night should start in the kitchen with her 3-course romantic dinner for two. She shares three recipes that are filled with common aphrodisiacs, some of which you likely eat all the time and may not be aware are a great way to spice things up in the bedroom! 

Chef LaLa starts the meal with her main course of bacon-wrapped steak with lobster ravioli by throwing a steak into a pan, sharing that even the sound of the steak sizzling can boost your arousal. She uses garlic, which increases blood flow and improves overall cardiovascular wellness.

She loves the lobster ravioli, sharing “Lobster has a history as an aphrodisiac dating back to Greek mythology.” Lobster is thought to help boost dopamine levels and elevate your sensitivity. After it's cooked, she puts the ravioli in truffle butter with saffron, because apparently studies have shown that women who eat saffron experience higher levels of pleasure.

She also prepares a cucumber-orange-avocado salad with some arugula sharing that it’s high in vitamin E, which enhances intimacy. She also tosses in pistachios, which also improve blood flow, and she chose the orange because it increases appetite and is thought to reduce stress.

For dessert, Chef LaLa makes strawberries dipped in chocolate! Strawberries are high in vitamin C which is good for blood flow and the production of estrogen. She dips them in chocolate, which contains a chemical that just might enhance feelings of love. She infuses them with a little cognac, which can also enhance feelings of love.

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