How to Stop Yourself from Getting Hangry!

Playing ‘Hangry’ and Hungry: What’s the Difference?

You’ve probably heard of the state of anger that comes from being hungry called hangry! When your blood sugar drops and your hunger hormones rise, this unfavorable combination can put you in not such a great mood. Want to prevent it? One study says just recognizing those feelings may help.

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A study out of the University of North Carolina split participants into two groups. The first group of people were both full and hungry and given the opportunity to write down their feelings. The second group was hungry but they did not write down exactly how they felt. Both groups were then given a tedious task; they were working on the computer and the computer had a sudden crash. 

The researchers blamed participants for the crash and documented how they responded. They looked to see how the two groups reacted, and the people who were hungry and didn’t write down their feelings did not respond well. They were hangry!

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The Doctors note having that self-awareness of hunger and of the feelings surrounding it allowed people to be less reactive to a negative situation. The mind-body connection is important and being aware of why you are having physiological changes can help keep your mind in the right place. The Doctors discuss how you can similarly manage your road rage by being aware of your feelings while stuck in traffic so that you can avoid, “tranger,” as ER physician Dr. Travis Stork tries to coin this new term for traffic anger!

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