How to Stop Teeth Grinding

Playing Tips to Stop Teeth Grinding

The Doctors welcome Dentist Dr. Chris Strandburg who shares his tips on how to stop grinding your teeth.

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Dr. Strandburg says grinding can lead to broken teeth, headaches and permanent jaw joint pain. He suggests these tips to cut down on your grinding:

  • Botox - Dr. Strandburg says this injection in the jaw muscles can lessen the pressure in the area and might help you avoid a broken tooth.
  • Medications - He says that anti-anxiety meds can lead to teeth grinding and suggests working with your doctor to find one that will not cause you to grind.
  • Reduce your stress levels -  Dr. Strandburg recommends having an hour of relaxation before bed.

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The dentist also suggests avoiding too much caffeine and alcohol before bed, as they can lead to teeth grinding.