How to Stay Socially Connected for Your Mental Health

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Playing Drs. Rx: Social Connectedness for Mental Health

If you're struggling with mental health issues, especially during this potentially isolating covid-19 pandemic, clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho shares that focusing on social connectedness can really help with feelings of isolation. 

There's a lot of research that shows that people who feel part of their community and socially connected have 60% less depressive symptoms. Plus, she shares that people with mental health issues like bipolar or schizophrenia report that when they feel connected and part of a community they experience less relapses into those conditions. 

Dr. Judy shares that you should focus on doing one thing per day that makes you feel socially connected to the world around you. She suggests doing something offline -- actually pick up the phone and call an old friend, or take a 20 minute coffee break with someone you like. She shares that if you can build this into your daily routine it can be very helpful for building uo your own mental health resilience.