How to Stay Healthy If You Sit At a Computer All Day

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The Doctors have shared how sitting can take a negative toll on your health, but many jobs require employees to stay seated at a computer for most of their day -- but there are preventive steps you can take to stay healthy even if you have a job that involves a lot of sitting.

First, we recommend getting a standing desk (find out which standing desks are our favorites, HERE!), but if a standing desk is not an option, Real Simple shares tips on how to improve your seated workspace.

Be Mindful of Your Sitting Posture: "[Keep] your body and spine in a neutral position. Your hands and forearms should be parallel to the floor, while your elbows should be at 90-degree angles... keep your head, neck, and torso upright. Place your feet flat on the floor to support your legs," Real Simple's expert stresses. Get even more tips on how to improve your posture from The Doctors.

Invest in Tools to Improve Your Posture: Spending money on devices and tools to improve your posture is money well-spent and make sure to check if your employer will cover the cost. Check out our list of 10 products designed to help you bring awareness to your posture while you work.

Reposition Your Computer Monitors: Your computer screen should be "directly in your line of eyesight to avoid looking up or down at the screen," physical therapist Alyssa Kuhn tells Real Simple. This simple tweak will help you avoid straining your neck and shoulders (See 4 stretches that can help with your neck and backaches and pains). Also, the experts suggest using shades and curtains to diffuse light from windows near your workspace, along with dimming overhead lights to minimize screen glare.  

Make Sure to Move: Getting regular breaks from your seated desk is vital and you should be getting up every 20 to 30 minutes and making sure to walk around for at least 5 minutes when you take a break.

Do Not Forget To Stretch: Stretching will help keep your muscles healthy and can also energize you. When you take your break from being seated, do a few of these stretches that will help loosen up your neck, upper back, lower body, and hips.

Do Not Eat Lunch at Your Desk: It might be tempting to eat at your desk in an effort to continue working, but it is important to give yourself a break away from your workspace. This will help you enjoy your meal more and is likely to help you make better food choices. The experts also stress to make sure you stay hydrated while sitting to avoid issues like headaches, fatigue, and poor concentration. Find out why The Doctors suggest drinking 8 ounces of water with a squeeze of lemon juice first thing in the morning -- something you can incorporate into your workday routine!

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