How to Prevent Bruises and Get Rid of Them Quicker

Playing Do You Bruise Easily? Learn How to Prevent and Fade Them!

Are you always bumping into things and getting stuck with bruises that last for weeks? Or, are you maybe going in for a procedure that will cause black and blues? The Doctors are here to help; dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra explains why those bruises occur and how to prevent and shorten their lifespan.

Women are more likely than men to bruise. There are certain areas like the upper arms, butt, or thighs where the skin is thinner and women have a bit more subcutaneous fat than men. The way the fat and blood vessels are arranged in those areas is what makes them so prone to bruising. If you have lighter skin, bruises will show more. Genetics also play a role in if you bruise easily.

The Doctors share a graphic of what happens inside the skin when a bump occurs. The blood vessels shear and red cells are released into the layer under the skin which causes the discoloration.

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Here are three ways to prevent and lengthen the time of bruising:

Tip #1: Use Arnica
Arnica comes in both pellet and gel form. You can take Arnica pellets prior to surgery the night before, as well as for a couple of days after, to help with bruising. The gel can also be applied topically after the procedure or onto an existing bruise.

Tip #2: Take Bromalin Supplements
This is an enzyme found in pineapple stalks and it is great for fighting inflammation. Dr. Batra tells her patients to take a 250mg bromalin supplement, three times a day, for three days after a procedure.

Tip #3: Avoid Blood Thinners
If you are already prone to bruising, taking blood thinners like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, or even fish oils or vitamin C could increase the odds of bruising.

Tip #4: Apply Ice
If you can use ice after a procedure or an accident, this can help keep the bruising at bay.

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Dr. Batra says lasers can even help if you have a huge event and need a bruise to be gone quickly. Lastly, don't be swayed by some of the misinformation online like using mouthwash or banana peels to help with bruising; neither of which work! 

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