How to Make Your Gym Workouts Safer during COVID


If you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, you are likely looking to get back to your pre-pandemic routines, including the gym.

The Doctors and CDC health experts stress even if you are vaccinated something like going to the gym does come with some level of risk for contracting the virus, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk.

The CDC warns, "The main way by which people are infected with COVID-19 is through exposure to respiratory droplets carrying infectious virus. COVID-19 has been shown to spread at gyms, fitness classes, and studios."

The safest workout is at home or outdoors, but if you are going to a gym, these CDC tips to reduce your risk should be followed:

- Maintain at least 6 feet of separation and avoid close contact with other people

- Wear a mask (over the nose and mouth) and only workout at a gym that requires masks for both patrons and employees

- Bring multiple masks and "remove your mask if it gets moist from sweat and replace it with a clean mask"

- Take your high-intensity activities (dancing, pick-up basketball, running, racquetball/squash, and spinning) and workouts outside when possible

- Safer indoor workouts according to the CDC include yoga and walking

- Go to a gym with good ventilation, open windows, high ceilings and one that use portable air cleaners that have HEPA filters

- Wipe down shared workout equipment with disinfecting wipes before and after using

- Wash or disinfect your hands before and after working out and using shared equipment

- Go to the gym during slower and less crowded off-peak times of the day

- Avoid spending an extended period of time in the gym

- No sharing of items (resistance bands and weightlifting belts) that cannot be cleaned, sanitized, or disinfected between uses

And, unfortunately, we all need to stick to air high-fives for the time being, as the CDC warns, "Don't shake hands, give high-fives, do elbow bumps, or touch others because close contact increases the risk of acquiring COVID-19" -- especially if you are not fully vaccinated yet.

If you are still not ready to workout at the gym, The Doctors have you covered with numerous safer at-home workout ideas! See how our fitness experts, trainers, and insanely in-shape friends Lacey StoneDr. Jedidiah Ballard, and Jennifer Jacobs demonstrate how to break a sweat safely at home.

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