How to Make Daily Walks More Challenging and Fun


Staying active and making sure you get enough steps every day is vital to your overall health -- and can also reportedly lower your risk of severe COVID-19. So it's time to get moving and make the most of your daily walk!

The Doctors love these tips from Real Simple on how to make walking more challenging -- and most importantly -- more fun. Fitness experts suggest these easy strategies that can elevate your walk around the block.

Make a walking plan - The experts suggest making a weekly plan that includes goals and a schedule, and to also mix up how far, how fast and how intense the walks are throughout the week. Another tip we love, match the intensity of your walk to music with a similar beat or tempo.

Do not fear a hill - The harder exercise the more calories you will burn and climbing a challenging hill, set of stairs or a steep trail can not only help you sweat more, but will also provide your body a new challenge. Plus, the experts say climbing that hill is also good for your glutes and your heart. And if you walk on a treadmill, increase that incline and feel the good burn!

Mix up your pace - Walking at different speeds or intervals can help to improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance. The fitness experts suggest increasing the speed of your walk for 45 seconds and then return to your normal pace for 10 to 30 seconds and repeat this pattern throughout your walk.

Set a timer and race yourself - It is important to track your progress as you walk and a timer can help you improve your pace and can challenge yourself to beat your previous time when walking a familiar route.

Make a walking playlist before you walk - Let music inspire your walk and the experts suggest creating the ultimate walking playlist of your favorite upbeat music to help keep you moving.

Find a walking buddy - Exercise is always better with someone else there to enjoy it with you. Maybe it's a family member, partner, child, friend, or dog! And if you are walking solo, it can be a good time to catch up and connect with someone on the phone as you enjoy your walk.

Skip the concrete and find some dirt - In addition to spending more time in nature, the experts say walking on uneven terrain can help you feel more aware and alert and helps burn more calories, and also strengthen stabilizer muscles and smaller muscles in the body.

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Playing Walk Your Way to Health

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